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The Rundown

 a bit about Emily:

Emily is a graduate journalism student aspiring to be a reporter covering politics, culture, labor, environmental issues, business, social justice or health and wellness. She has experience as an investigative reporter, a staff writer, a news editor, a state politics reporter and a freelance feature writer. Well-versed in social media, Emily knows how to use platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to share and promote content. Additionally, she's fluent in Spanish and proficient with the Adobe suite.


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In Print

Work featured in several local and national publications

Emily has served on The Quinnipiac Chronicle's editorial board for three years and freelances for publications like the New Haven Independent


Host of "Be The Change", a CT News Junkie podcast featuring young progressive politicians in New England

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Activism through storytelling​

Has published pieces about COVID-19 economic recovery, education reform, race issues, and arts/culture. Her investigative work was featured in News21's 2021 project on COVID-19.